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Employee Benefits in Halton Hills, ON

Employee BenefitsEmployee Group Benefit Packages Available in Halton Hills, ON

Employee benefits have evolved into a necessary component of any competitive compensation package. From legally mandated insurance to free snacks, benefits and perks can significantly attract and retain talent.

What are Employee Group Benefits?

Employee benefits are tangible or intangible compensation in addition to their base wages or salaries.

The definition of employee benefits includes job benefits, such as health and dental insurance, stock options, and cell phone plans. However, employee benefits can range from training opportunities to startup perks (let’s not forget the infamous ping-pong tables).

Generally, any non-wage gain associated with an employee’s position can be classified as an employee benefit, whether mandatory or voluntary, provided by an employer.

Different Types of Employee Benefits

There are types of benefits that are most commonly met in companies across countries. When thinking of benefits, many people mention health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement plans as examples of these benefits.  Other benefits can be in the form of additional compensation or time off.


Health insurance (dental, medical, and vision), life insurance, and disability insurance are all included in this category. Many countries require employers to provide health insurance or some form of medical plan, and employers frequently supplement publicly available medical care. However, to provide better options to their employees, many businesses elect for a private group or individual insurance.

Life insurance demonstrates that the company is concerned not only with the employee but also with their family. If an employee dies, their family will receive a lump sum to cover the funeral and other related expenses or their cost of living for a specified period.

Retirement Plans

Employees who receive retirement benefits feel more secure about their future. In the United States, for example, a common benefit is a pension plan, in which both the company and the employee make regular defined contributions to the employee’s account.

The pension plan is a defined contribution plan in which employees are not guaranteed a specific benefit upon retirement. This is due to the fact that if investments fail, the money invested in the account may be lost.

Additional Compensation

This segment covers any money given to employees in addition to their regular salary. Bonuses, commissions, awards, and gifts are examples of direct compensation, as are stock option plans and profit-sharing.

  • Contractual or discretionary bonuses may include:
  • Commissions on sales
  • Individual or corporate performance recognition
  • One-time gifts (e.g. for exemplary actions on the job)

Why do employers offer benefits to employees?

Benefit packages consume a significant amount of time for many HR professionals. And for a good reason: they are one of the most fundamental employee engagement and retention strategies, as well as a source of talent attraction.

Benefits are also among the top motivators candidates look for in job ads, with 63% of job seekers polled saying they pay attention to what benefits a company provides. This means that including benefits in your job ads and careers page is an important part of your employer branding efforts.

Most Common Employee Benefits

Aside from the major categories, there are a variety of other types of benefits that are frequently included in company benefit plans.

  • Private Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Retirement / Pension plans
  • Training and Development
  • Stock option Plans
  • Work From Home and/or flexible hours
  • Food and snacks
  • Life insurance
  • Extended leave (Vacation, Sick)
  • Bonuses / Awards / Gifts
  • Company equipment (including vehicles, laptops, and phones)

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