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High Risk Insurance in Ingersoll, ON

High Risk InsuranceHigh-Risk Life Insurance Policies in Ingersoll, ON

What is High-Risk Life Insurance?

A High-Risk Life Insurance policy is any life insurance policy with a health rating lower than the “standard” health classification. Insurers may use the high-risk label for various reasons. High-risk life insurance protects people who are difficult to insure. For example, life-threatening occupations, hobbies, habits, or travel can contribute to a person being classified as “high-risk” by a life insurance company. You are also considered high-risk if you have chronic health conditions or diseases.

Importance of High-risk life insurance

Some folks are significantly more likely than others to die before reaching their statistical life expectancy. There are two main reasons for being in this high-risk group.

Participation in a high-risk occupation or hobby is one reason. Some examples are taxi driving, law enforcement, firefighting, commercial fishing, vehicle racing, private aircraft piloting, scuba diving, mountain or rock climbing, and whitewater rafting. Participants in these activities risk dying prematurely, accidentally.

Another chief factor is that you have a high-risk health condition. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, sleep apnea, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and kidney, liver, and respiratory disease are a few examples.

Many people in the above categories have an insurance need that is no less pressing than that of more staid and healthier people. As a result, specialized firms have sprung up with their primary clientele consisting of high-risk insurance applicants.

Do I need high-risk life insurance?

Obtaining high-risk life insurance coverage is preferable to having no life insurance policy. If you died, your family or loved ones would receive a cash payout to help them during a difficult financial and emotional time.

Although high-risk life insurance policies can be more expensive, if you shop around, you may be able to find the best high-risk life insurance coverage for your needs.

What affects high-risk life insurance policies?

When an applicant fills out an application for life insurance, the insurance company will focus on several health conditions based on the mortality rate associated with each condition.

If an applicant has a condition not listed on the application, it is safe to assume that it has not been designated as a high-risk health condition by the insurance company.


According to statistics, the older you are, the more likely you are to file a claim during your life insurance policy term. Therefore, younger people have a better chance of getting a better deal. Many insurers, however, cater to people over the age of 60.

Alcohol consumption

Drinking one to two units once or twice a week with dinner is considered less risky than drinking more than eight units per day, so it shouldn’t be difficult to determine whether you are a high risk in terms of alcohol consumption.


Someone who smokes is at a higher risk than someone who does not. The length of time you have been a smoker could also be a factor, so quit as soon as possible.

E-cigarette smokers are unlikely to have better luck with life insurance applications because much of the data on the risks associated with e-cigarettes is still inconclusive.


If you have a regular desk job, you should be fine; however, if your job is considered a higher risk, such as working in the armed forces, for the police, or anywhere else where your life is in danger, you may have to pay more.


Some of your hobbies and pastimes may have an element of danger to them. For example, if you enjoy skiing or skydiving regularly, these are high-risk hobbies, and people participating in them are generally more difficult to insure. Depending on the insurer, this could include rock climbing, and other sports deemed high risk for insurance reasons.

Postal Code

Where you live can help insurers identify life expectancy. The insurer might look at illnesses and deaths for each postal code area. Your postal code could have a higher risk than others, which might affect the cost of your premiums.

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