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Dean Kulla brings proven experience, professional training and passion in the areas of wealth management and protection.

Dean’s drive to understand the principles of wealth accumulation started as a young boy watching his dad, grandfather and uncles run and grow successful businesses.

He always had a desire to do his personal best. Dean would study others who were successful to emulate their best qualities. He has also devoted himself to lifelong learning.

Dean has used these years of study, training and application to develop what he believes to be a more modern view of success and wealth, including all areas of life.

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Our Customer Reviews

Dean at Kulla Financials has immense knowledge of different insurance plans that he helps to cater to your specific needs. He was very quick to help us find the right plan for our mother travelling from US with pre existing conditions. Not only that, once you meet Dean, you find a great friend and an awesome community player who is just a phone call away to help you in any situation. Thank you Dean for always being there.

Aliya Khurram Jan 1, 2023

Dean has been very helpful in guiding me to the best life and group benefits insurance. Highly recommend him and his team.

shiv shankar Sep 9, 2022

Dean at Kulla To Financial helped my husband and I find comprehensive and cost effective solutions for life insurance and health benefits for our family. As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to find plans that fit your needs and budget. Dean patiently walked us through the process and found the best options for us. We recommend Dean to all our family, friends, and businesses that we consult with.

Shaila Mehta May 5, 2022

Dean from Kulla To Financial exemplifies dedication to customer service and finding (or customizing) the best solution for any challenge. As he expands his group benefits portfolio, he can improve what businesses get for their money and considerably enhance their experience. Dean cares deeply and is there for the company and the employees. Kulla To Financial is not a vendor; they are true partners and enablers of talent attraction, retention and business growth in a competitive market.

Hugo M. Bretón Dec 12, 2021

Dean was super helpful and very informative! He made the process of figuring out my life insurance easy and seamless! Thanks!!

Natalija Assmann May 5, 2021

To anyone seeking financial empowerment, I recommended taking your financial future and placing it in the hands of KullaTo Financial. To anyone looking for financial advise, make investments or purchase life insurance, Your experience at KullaTo Financial will be unique and can’t compare to any major financial institution. At KullaTo Financial, I have been able to seek continued financial advice and services as I have embarked on my journey to financial health and peace of mind. Every meeting has been conveniently scheduled at a time to meet my busy life style making me feel like my clientship is valued. The services I have been provided were tailored to meet my lifestyle and budget byway of conscientious, out of the box and creative thinking and have allowed me to confidently build sound financial awareness, strength to take safe financial risk, confidence in my financial future and peace of mind for my families security. Thank You KullaTo Financial for modelling modern core values with the values inherent of small business owners that all businesses strive for and customers appreciate. Thank you for always unwittingly empowering me in my everyday life to make continued personal and financial growth and change.

Michelle Frois-Da Cunha Oct 10, 2019

Had a chance to work with Dean recently. He helped me setup a life insurance policy and advised me on my financials. Really enjoyable and educational experience.

Jules Jun 6, 2019

Met with Dean Kulla Yesterday for the annual policy review. One of the best professional in the industry. Reviewed all the details and answered all my questions patiently. If you need life insurance Dean Kulla is the person to talk to. -

A M May 5, 2019

I cannot say enough good things about Kulla To Financial. I came to them for financial assistance for mom, whose health is deteriorating. Kulla To did all the footwork and went around to different carriers to find the best option, now mom is fully covered. Thanks Kulla To!!

Amy Ho May 5, 2019

thanks to Dean at Kulla To Financial my family is now covered properly with life insurance. Thanks for taking the time to teach me about life insurance.

Lucian Rauliuc May 5, 2019

Great service and attention to detail

Paul Richard Apr 4, 2019

The amount of care that these guys give is amazing! They made me feel a lot better about my financial future. Would highly recommend.

Kevi G Apr 4, 2019

Definitely would recommend if you're needing life insurance and/or investment planning! Great work and great people.

Mac Whalen Apr 4, 2019
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