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Children’s Life Insurance in Orangeville, ON

Children’s Life Insurance Available at Kulla Financial in Orangeville, ON

A sound fiscal plan ensures financial support for your child at every stage of their life. Child insurance plans are designed specifically to meet a child’s financial needs. As a result, it is recommended that you invest in a child plan to assist your child in achieving all of their life goals.

Thus, buying a life insurance policy for your children is often misunderstood by most individuals. Most people don’t know about the advantages and effectiveness of the investment. With this policy, you are the prime beneficiary, not your child.

In addition, such policies are cost-effective and cost you an average of $2-5 per month with a lower coverage amount of under $75,000.

What is children’s life insurance?

A parent or guardian typically purchases life insurance for children as a safety net in the event that their child dies. These policies are typically term-based, lasting until the child reaches the age of adulthood. It is also possible to purchase a permanent policy, allowing the child to access coverage for the rest of their life at a locked-in lower rate due to their young age.

It is important to note that life insurance for kids is not the same as a child rider.

How do life insurance policies for children work?

Life insurance for children is generally a term life insurance policy purchased by a parent or guardian as a safety net if your child dies while still a minor. If you keep the policy active, it can pay a death benefit to its beneficiaries, usually the child’s parent or guardian, upon the child’s death.

What is the best age to acquire life insurance for children?

The minimum age for life insurance is 0-14 days, which means you can purchase it for your baby, child, or teen. No medical exam is required to qualify for coverage, so you can enroll them whenever convenient, but enrolling them at a younger age may result in a lower premium.

Why consider purchasing life insurance plans for your child?

Considering purchasing a life insurance plan for your child is a lifetime investment. There are two prime reasons to take out your child insurance: –

  • Planning for the unthinkable

Nobody wants to think about their child dying, but having life insurance can help cover funeral expenses and allow you to take time off work to grieve.

  • Guaranteed your child’s insurability

While your child may be healthy now, future health issues may make it more difficult for them to obtain life insurance in the future. Obtaining a policy now may allow them to convert to an adult policy without a medical exam at a cost based on their age and health at the time.

Pros and cons of buying life insurance for your child

There are several benefits of purchasing a life insurance policy for your child, involving deferring taxes and ensuring that you will have the appropriate coverage to take a bereavement leave if you lose a child.


  1. Premiums may be lower because of your child’s good health and young age
  2. It can help secure your child’s future financial security
  3. If you buy an insurance policy with a cash value, your child will have more time to save
  4. Locked-in rates for life
  5. Cash value
  6. Simplified underwriting
  7. Lower premiums


  1. Lifetime commitments
  2. Low coverage amounts

Different Types of Life Insurance Policies for Children

Parents must choose between term life insurance & permanent life insurance for their children:

Term life insurance

Term life insurance offers a financial safety net for the future of your loved ones in the event of  untimely death and protects them from financial hardship. Along with that, it provides the most cost-effective coverage for a specific length of time.

Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance has numerous features that can help grow money inside your policy over time, in other words, called Cash value. Such money can be accessed during your children’s lifetime. You have to pay a premium until your child reaches 25.

When your children reach 25, the entire policy can be transferred to them tax-free. Later in life, your child may be able to access the policy’s cash value to contribute to things like supplementing their retirement income or creating their financial legacy.

What are the essential things to consider when buying children’s life insurance?

After concluding that investing in your child’s future will be beneficial, you should consider the following issues when you research child plans:

Mature Advantages

What are the further advantages available at the end of the policy period? Does the plan provide annual additions and loyalty bonuses?

In some plans, the nominee also receives the fund value at maturity in addition to the sum promised in the event of an untimely death. When investigating the benefits of maturity, take a closer look at these details.

Adding Riders is an Option

Numerous incidental, indirect costs cannot be categorized as medical in medical emergencies. Child term rider policies frequently include riders that provide set lump sum pay-outs for accidents or specific catastrophic conditions. This sum is fixed, regardless of the actual costs incurred.

Security for Loans

Higher education is expensive, and the expense will increase if your child wants to attend a private university. Despite the potential for scholarships awarded to deserving students, there will always be a funding gap that the students must fill.

Only when there is collateral are banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) willing to issue education loans. For these loans, insurance policies may be used as collateral.

What are the types of children’s life insurance policies available?

As parents or adults, numerous life insurance policies are available in the market when you are planning to buy life insurance for children. A few of them are enlisted beneath:

Term life insurance is more affordable and covers your child for a specific period until they mature. Also, permanent insurance is more expensive, but it cover’s your children’s whole life.

You will need to decide who will be the beneficiary of the policy.

How can Kulla Financial help in selecting the best children’s life insurance in Orangeville, ON?

Kulla Financial helps its customers by giving them the right insurance policy for their needs in Orangeville, ON. They offer different types of children’s life insurance that can be beneficial for their entire lives.  Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

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