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Employee Wellness Programs in Vaughan, ON

Employee Wellness ProgramsEmployee Wellness Programs Offered at Kulla Financial in Vaughan, ON

What is an Employee Wellness Program?

A workplace wellness program is a scientifically supported workplace practice that aims to foster employee well-being while increasing productivity and organizational performance. The program model goes beyond the traditional “feel-good wellness” approach, aiming for a “results-driven wellness” approach that yields measurable business and health outcomes.

In other words, an employee wellness program is any worksite activity designed to support better employee health. These activities often include medical screenings, incentives for healthy behaviors, behavior change interventions, health coaching, fitness, nutrition, weight loss programs, social support, gamified wellness challenges, and more.

Examples of employee wellness program initiatives

Employee well-being or wellness programs are a great and the most convenient way to promote a healthy environment in the workplace. There are numerous ways to take the initiative for the employee wellness program or well-being process. Below are examples of how wellness program initiatives encourage employee well-being and positive habits:

Flexible health spending accounts:

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts are the two most fundamental ways employers can aid employees in better managing their overall healthcare costs. They are separate employee benefits from medical insurance, and you cannot enroll in both. These accounts are designed to pay for a lengthy list of “qualified medical expenses” to alleviate or prevent physical or mental illness.

Mental health & stress management:

Everyone at some point becomes fed up or frustrated with the day-to-day routine, whether it’s household work or working-life stress.  The best way to relieve this is to enroll in stress management and mental health programs.

Wellness programs offer a variety of innovative solutions for assisting employees in dealing with stress. Still, only about half of employers currently provide this benefit—the other half is missing out on an important method of encouraging healthy behaviors, reducing stress, and ultimately saving money.

Curbing workplace stress benefits long-term employee happiness, retention, and productivity, ushering in a new era of more comprehensive mind and body wellness initiatives.

Flexible working hours:

Startups and other young businesses have already figured it out. The older and larger companies are the ones who have yet to jump on board. Why are you forcing your employee to work those hours if their role does not depend on a specific range of hours in the day?

Allowing flexible working hours when appropriate can help alleviate some of your team’s daily stress and focus on employee wellness. Allowing employees to change their schedule by one hour can make all the difference. Consider giving employees the option of working four days per week.

Prescription Drugs:

The involvement of prescription drugs in the employee wellness program can help employees maintain their health systematically. In this program, employees can claim health coverage if they fall under any compensation category.

Wellness screening programs increase employee awareness of health risks and provide them with the tools and resources to manage their conditions better. Through such screenings, individuals can identify any existing chronic illnesses or conditions and work towards mitigating their risk factors through lifestyle changes and medication.

Where do I start to launch an Employee Wellness Program?

When you are ready to launch an employee wellness program, the following should be taken into consideration when creating your program:

  • Focus on work-life balance over perks
  • Get senior buy in
  • Focus on family time
  • Bring in the experts
  • Dental & Vision Plans
  • Make it accessible
  • Engage employees
  • Define your goals
  • Communicate

Significant advantages of an employee wellness program

At first glance, it may be tricky to see any tangible benefits to running wellness programs at your workplace. However, if you look closely, you will notice several of them. Here are some of the most vital advantages of employee wellness programs:

Better employee health

Promoting healthy eating and exercising can reduce health-related risks in employees. Reducing health risks allows employees to save money on healthcare costs every year.

Higher productivity

Employees can benefit from well-being programs by gaining peace of mind and improving their physical fitness. Such programs can also reduce the likelihood of acute and chronic diseases and promote harmony, making employees more productive.

Improved engagement

Wellness programs can help a business enhance employee engagement. Healthy lifestyle activities have the potential to strengthen relationships between internal teams as well as between employees and employers.

Reduction in absenteeism

Taking care of employees’ health can help reduce absenteeism. Employees in good health are less likely to take time off from work due to stress or illness.

Higher employee morale

The empathy and appreciation shown by employers via wellness programs can make employees feel valued. This sense of value helps boost morale leading to a vibrant work environment.

Better employee retention

Employee wellness programs can be an excellent way to retain top talent at your company. When employees compare one company to another, they look at the health offerings and the engaging environment. As a result, wellness programs can increase employee loyalty to your company.

Improved work culture

Wellness plans foster a positive work culture by increasing engagement and productivity. It can foster a welcoming environment with strengthened relationships, which is critical for leading an organization to success.

Quality recruitment

The hiring process has become highly competitive. However, an employer can distinguish itself from the competition by emphasizing Employee Wellness Programs as a distinct benefit. It can aid in attracting and successfully hiring talent. Furthermore, existing employees tend to promote a company through word of mouth because of the benefits they receive.

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